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Byram Township Municipal Complex Building Assessment and Complex Masterplan

Posted: August 15, 2016

Project: Proposal for Municipal Building Assessment and Municipal Complex Masterplan

Building Assessment Report

Municipal Building Programming Document

Summary of Program Space

March 8, 2016 - Master Plan Options

March 8, 2016 - Cost Estimate Options

March 8, 2016 - Environmental Analysis

March 16, 2016 - 1.5 Cost Estimate with Soft Cost Breakdown

Building Mechanical Systems Evaluation - October 2014

Bulding Roof Assessment - January 2013

071916 - Byram Township Municipal Complex - Timeline Summary

October 12, 2015 - Initial DRAFT Master Plan

Municipal Building Assessment.

a. An assessment of the condition of the existing Municipal Building, as well as a recommendation regarding the practicality of modifications and upgrades to the building vs. constructing a new facility.

b. Prepare existing condition floor plans, of the building, to determine current sizes for each of the Municipal Departments. 

c. Review and document the condition of existing architectural elements including; finishes, envelope, ADA compliance, anticipated life expectancy, ability to rearrange/expand, Etc.

d. The “Building Mechanical Systems” have recently been evaluated, and will be referenced within the Building Assessment Report.

e. In 2004, programming meetings were held with the various Municipal Departments to determine their current and future space needs. FKA will conduct meetings with each of the department heads, and administrators to determine if these needs remain the same or if they have changed over time.

f. Programming meetings will be held with the following departments and administrators:  Township Manager, Municipal Clerk, Police Department, Department of Public Works, Municipal Court Administrator,  Finance Department,  Tax Assessor,  Recreation Department,  Building Department,  Additional staff & administrators as identified

g. During the programming phase existing functions, as well as other functions not currently in the building will be considered. A detailed program of spaces will be prepared along with the proposed size of each space.

h. The Final Program will be utilized to determine if all required needs could be fitted within the existing municipal building, within an addition, or if better suited to a new facility.

i. Based on the proposed schemes to house all municipal departments, FKA will prepare Preliminary Ball-Park Estimates for construction, along with a recommendation for the most appropriate solution.

Municipal Complex Masterplan

a. Based on the footprint developed for the proposed/renovated Municipal Building, the architect will prepare an overall “Concept” Masterplan showing how all functions, buildings, circulation, will fit on site.

b. The “Concept” Masterplan will show not only the proposed solution to the municipal building, but also the DPW facilities, the storage buildings, the animal shelter, fuel station, etc.

c. The “Concept” Masterplan will be developed utilizing readily available information regarding existing site constraints, including available DEP information (NJ GeoWeb), etc. The following site constraints will be identified to best extent possible:  Stream Encroachment, Wetland Buffers, Highland Preservation District Limitations, Existing Site Boundaries, Separation of public and private circulation

d. In order to proceed from “Concept” Masterplan to a more realistic Final Masterplan a number of additional Civil Engineering tasks will ultimately be required. These tasks could be conducted now, however, in an effort to reduce the initial costs they have not been included. These required Civil Engineering tasks would include the following items:  Topographic Survey of the entire site, A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) identifying any potential “Areas of Concern”, Survey for Asbestos Containing Materials, and possibly a Lead Based Paint Evaluation, A Letter of Interpretation (LOI) Prepared by a Civil Engineer, A Geotechnical Investigation in any areas of proposed construction.

e. The scope of work indicated on the “Concept” Masterplan will include two (2) Phases.  

f. Phase One (1) will be the work necessary to accommodate the proposed revisions to the Municipal Building and associated parking.

g. Phase Two (2) will be potential modifications to the remainder of the Municipal Complex which could occur at the same time, or at a later date.

h. The Phase Two scope of work may include façade upgrades to the DPW Buildings, a separate vehicular driveway for DPW access to the site, as well as other various upgrades.

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