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Environmental Commission

National Moth Week Event - July 28, 2017

Posted: July 14, 2017

Want to participate in a "hands-on" experience for all ages and an opportunity connect with natural areas in our community?   Please join Michael Cavallaro at 9:30pm at Allamuchy Mountain State Park/Sussex Branch Trail on Waterloo Road on Friday, July 28th.  Mr. Cavallaro will set up equipment to attract and trap moths (bright lights and collection box).  He will provide a short presentation about moths and the imporatance of insect conservation, followed by the "hands-on" experience where you will be able to help identify the moths and document what was found.    It is recommended that you wear light color clothing and sturdy footwear.  Also you may want to bring a flashlight, camera, notebook and pen or pencil.  The event is expected to conclude at 11pm.   Click here for a flyer of this free event. 

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